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Guangzhou - China Lab
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Executive Vice President's Message 
Ken Wijaya 

Ken Wijaya 
Executive Vice President of IAPMO R&T Lab

It has been another exciting year for the IAPMO R&T Lab.

A new division for water filtration products was added. The Water Filtration Lab was completed and is up and operating. Designed to test products for listing to IAPMO IGC 214-2009, DWTU testing, NSF/ANSI 42-2014, NSF/ANSI 44 (Section 4, Material Safety Testing), NSF/ANSI 53-2014, NSF/ANSI 55 (Section 4, Material Safety Testing), NSF/ANSI 58, NSF/ANSI 60 (Material Safety Testing including all sections on NSF/ ANSI 60), and NSF 177-2014, this lab has already tested many products thanks to strong industry demand.

Our scope for testing products for Mexican accreditation was recently expanded during our last audit. IAPMO R&T Lab is now accredited to test to the NMX-C-415-ONNCCE-2015 standard (Building Industry – Valves and Water Taps – Specifications and Test Methods). This standard covers valves used in potable water in domestic applications, public places, and faucets located in sanitary fixtures such as lavatories, kitchen sinks, laundry sinks, and built-in fixtures, manufactured either domestically or imported.

IAPMO R&T Lab is accredited by entidad  mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema)  in Mexico for NOM-005-CONAGUA-1996 (flushometers), NOM-008-CONAGUA-1998 (shower fixtures employed in physical cleansing), NOM-009-CONAGUA-2001 (toilets for sanitary use), NOM-010-CONAGUA-2000 (admission valves and discharge or flush valves for toilet tanks) and NMX-C-415-ONNCCE-2015 (Building Industry – valves and water taps).

The other exciting news of the year was the collaboration between IAPMO R&T and IAPMO R&T Lab in the development of the new state-of-the art laboratory and certification offices just outside Jakarta, Indonesia. The P.T. IAPMO Group Indonesia laboratory testing and certification offices were developed to support the new Indonesia national standard for plumbing, SNI 8153:2015, which was published by BSN (National Standardization Agency, Indonesia).

IAPMO Group CEO GP Russ Chaney cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony, which was attended by the Chairman of Indonesian BSN, Mr. Bambang Prasetya, and other representatives from the Indonesian government and U.S. Embassy.

The Guangzhou IAPMO Lab has applied for certification by CNAS, the premier laboratory accreditation body in China, as well as by entidad  mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema)  in Mexico.  Look for more exciting developments from the Guangzhou Lab shortly.

Updates of testing capabilities and other services are available on the IAPMO R&T Lab webpage, or contact Donna Estrada at