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Guangzhou - China Lab
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Executive Vice President's Message 
Ken Wijaya 

Ken Wijaya 
Executive Vice President of IAPMO R&T Lab

IAPMO R&T Lab, one of the most trusted names in the plumbing industry, went through the process of developing into a network of laboratories to cover all aspects of the building industry.

After many years of operation in Walnut, Calif., The IAPMO Group of companies moved to Ontario, Calif., where IAPMO R&T Lab got a significantly larger — and much needed — space in which to grow the business. 

The Guangzhou IAPMO Lab was opened in China to serve plumbing manufacturers in the Asia/Pacific Rim with greater efficiency and speed.

While the IAPMO R&T Lab and Guangzhou IAPMO Lab will continue to offer the same high quality testing and evaluation services to the plumbing industry they always have, opportunities have arisen to expand into new markets aligned with The IAPMO Group’s commitment to public health and safety.

IAPMO EGS (Electrical, Solar, and Gas) was developed with the intent to offer electro-plumbing, solar, and gas testing to the industry. It became a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory through OSHA with an electro-plumbing scope with is slowly expanding to include other products.

Expansion of the IAPMO Labs continued with the purchase of a second building in Ontario, Calif., less than a quarter mile from the current IAPMO R&T Lab and IAPMO EGS location.  The building was originally intended to house the corporate offices, but this year dedicated space to house the newest lab, IAPMO IBT (Institute of Building Technology). 

Developed to complement the IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service, IAPMO IBT will focus primarily on building materials, such as fasteners, nails, doors, windows, insulation, concrete, masonry, and many other types of products.

The construction of IAPMO’s Institute of Building Technology lab was completed in May and the lab is now in operation to serve our clients.

In addition, all laboratory operations, IAPMO R&T Lab, IAPMO EGS, and IAPMO IBT, are accredited by ACLASS (now ANAB) for complying with ISO Guide 17025.

The new additional service being added to the lab is a water filtration laboratory. Once completed, this laboratory will be functional and able to test to NSF/ANSI 42, 44, 53, 55, 58, 62, 177, NSF P231, CSA B483.1, and many other standards. The newest laboratory is set to open at the conclusion of 2015.

Updates of testing capabilities and other services are available on the IAPMO R&T Lab webpage, or contact Donna Estrada at