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MaP Testing 

IAPMO R&T Lab Offers  MaP  (Maximum Performance Testing) for water closets

Maximum Performance Testing (MaP) for water closets has been added to the IAPMO R&T Lab’s resume of testing services.

In an agreement reached with Veritec Consulting Inc. and Koeller & Company, pioneers of the MaP testing,   MaP testing  can now be performed by Veritec in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada or IAPMO Testing and Services in Ontario, California.

Water closets are now having performance testing conducted in order to determine their maximum capabilities in removing solid waste media in at least four out of five attempts.

The test media is comprised one or more 50 +/- 4 grams artificial solid waste specimens (soybean paste contained in a latex casing, tied at each end forming a “sausage” approximately  4 inches in length and 1 inch diameter, plus four loosely crumpled balls of toilet paper.

During the test, the waste specimens and paper balls are dropped into the bowl and flushed. With each successful flush, additional waste specimens are added to determine the maximum amount. a toilet can flush. A minimum of  250 grams is considered as passing the MaP testing. However, testing may continue to the point of failure.  This can be as much as 500 to 1000 grams.

MaP testing was developed in response to requests from Water Authority rebate programs who wanted to ensure that the low consumption water closets being sold in the programs would not only save water but remove waste properly.

Many of the Water Authority rebate programs are now requiring test reports and listing showing compliance to the MaP testing.

For more information on MaP testing contact