Why Choose IAPMO?

IAPMO R&T Lab in Guangzhou, China is a major source for independent testing, research and technical services.

One-Stop Testing is available for manufacturers, distributors and exporter to gain product listing / certification in the United States, Canada, Mexico and United Kingdom.

IAPMO R&T Lab in Guangzhou China provides full service, independent product testing and consultation.  Our technical services also include on-site confirmation of manufacturers’ quality assurance programs, and ongoing pre-shipment quality control. Witness testing at a manufacturer's laboratory facility is available for some products. 

The IAPMO R&T Lab in Guangzhou streamlines your testing and certification process with IAPMO R&T, ASSE, CEC, DOE and the State of Massachusetts for the United States and Canada; EMA and Conagua for Mexico; and WRAS for the United Kingdom. This significantly reduces your cost and time to market.