China Lab

凭借着在业界超过80年的信誉, IAPMO集团在国内的第一家测试服务机构 - 广州美通管道设备技术服务有限公司, 已经在广州正式成立并开始对外营业了. 它将为亚太区针对北美市场的水暖管道类产品提供最权威和公证的第三方检测及技术服务.

广州美通是具有ISO/IEC 17025资质的测试实验室. 我们将会以优惠的价格来提供优质和高效的测试服务. 也只有我们这个IAPMO专属的测试机构, 才能给你提供针对美加市场相关认证的快速一站式服务. 我们经验丰富的团队, 将会和你一起研究和简化测试及认证的程序. 帮助你以最快的速度取得产品进入市场的通行证.

Backed by more than 80 years of IAPMO experience, the IAPMO R&T Lab in Guangzhou was opened to provide manufacturers on the western Pacific Rim a trusted name for independent testing, research, and technical services in the plumbing industries for North America

IAPMO R&T Labs are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 and committed to providing quality testing services at competitive rates in a timely manner at our facility in China. We offer one-stop testing for fast track listing in the U.S., Mexican and Canadian markets. Our knowledgeable local staff will work with you to simplify the testing and certification process, helping get your product to market faster.