We were the first laboratory in the US accredited by EMA to test plumbing products to NOM standards. Working in conjunction with IAPMO R&T (accredited by EMA for NOM certification), we offer one-stop testing and certification.

Our testing capabilities cover the following standards and product types:

NOM-008-CONAGUA-1998 (Shower heads and handheld showers)
Testing includes dimensional checks, installation torque,
flow rate, spray efficiency, aging test for gaskets and seals, pressure, temperature, life cycle test for ball joints, and corrosion.

NMX-C-415-ONNCE-2015 (Faucets and valves)
Testing includes materials, dimensional checks, torque resistance for connections, torque resistance for stems and handles, life cycle, resistance to pressure and temperature, flow rate, operating torque, and corrosion resistance.