IAPMO has been serving the plumbing and mechanical industry for over 80 years. IAPMO R&T Lab, a division of The IAPMO Group, is a major resource for independent testing, research and technical services. The organization specializes in plumbing and mechanical products.

The goal of the organization is to provide quality testing services at a reasonable price, in a timely manner. One-Stop-Testing is available for manufacturers, distributors and importers to conduct testing and receive product listing/certification in the United States, Canada, Australia and Indonesia.

IAPMO R&T Lab is a trusted name in the Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances industry. Our state of the art testing facilities are designed to help you with everything from evaluation to quality control to research and development.

Plumbing Fixture Testing

IAPMO R&T Lab is committed to accurately testing a wide variety of plumbing fixtures, to a variety of standards. We have over 25 years personal experience in evaluating and testing your sanitary wares, such as spas, whirlpool bathtubs, shower systems, water closets, urinals, lavatories, kitchen sinks, service/laundry sinks, wash fountains, drinking fountains and bidets. IAPMO R&T Lab is a One-Stop-Testing facility, dedicated to providing the highest quality service at reasonable prices, in a quick time frame.

IAPMO R&T Lab – Our Broad Range of Services:

  • Product Testing
    Testing to nationally recognized standards such as ASME/ANSI, ASSE, ASTM,CSA, IAPMO (PS, TS and IGC) and MSS. Products tested to these standards are generally for “listing/certification” purposes.

  • Quality Assurance Testing/Evaluation
    This type of testing is usually conducted at the request of a manufacturer or supplier who wishes to assure that models being produced or received are in compliance with the current standards or manufacturer’s own specifications. On-site visits of manufacturing locations are also available to assist manufacturers with their in-house quality control system.

  • Pre-testing Evaluation, Research/Development and Prototype Testing
    Testing on prototype units for compliance to standards can be costly. At IAPMO R&T Lab we offer a pre-evaluation service which includes evaluation of a product to the UPC as well as the applicable test standard. The evaluation may include testing, R&D to assist manufacturers in bringing the product into compliance with standards and codes and testing of prototype models prior to final production. The pre-evaluation testing also applies to products coming from overseas where the products were designed to meet the local requirements.

  • Failure Analysis Testing
    Testing to the maximum limit to determine a point of failure and an evaluation to determine the reasons or cause of the failure.