Mexico Lab Services

Mexico Lab Services

IAPMO Mexico's experienced staff takes the time to understand your needs and works with you to create a simplified testing program that reduces costs and shortens the time needed to complete necessary tests. We put our expertise to work for you.

Comprehensive Testing and Certification Solutions

IAPMO Mexico currently offers one-stop testing to NOM-002-CONAGUA-2021 and can streamline your testing and certification process with IAPMO R&T for Mexico, U.S., and Canada. This approach significantly reduces your cost and time to market.

Versatility in Testing Procedures
Our in-house laboratory engineers and technicians are well-versed in all types of testing procedures. Whether it's mechanical, chemical, pneumatic, electrical, automation, or machining, our equipment specialists are experts in building and modifying test equipment to meet special needs.

Broad Range of Services

Quality Assurance Testing/Evaluation. This type of testing is usually conducted at the request of a manufacturer or supplier who wishes to ensure that the models being produced or received are in compliance with the current standards or the manufacturer's own specifications. We also offer on-site visits to manufacturing locations to assist manufacturers with their in-house quality control systems.
Pre-testing Evaluation, Research/Development, and Prototype Testing. Testing on prototype units for compliance with standards can be costly. At IAPMO Mexico, we offer a pre-evaluation service that includes evaluating a product to the UPC as well as the applicable test standard. The evaluation may involve testing, R&D to assist manufacturers in bringing the product into compliance with standards and codes and testing of prototype models prior to final production. This service also applies to products coming from overseas where the products were designed to meet local requirements.
Failure Analysis Testing. We conduct testing to the maximum limit to determine a point of failure and provide an evaluation to determine the reasons or cause of the failure.
Liaison Services. IAPMO Mexico acts as a liaison between manufacturers and listing agencies. Our services include assisting manufacturers with the preparation of submittal packages, typing applications, and delivering product and applications to various agencies. We also follow up with the agencies until certification/listing is granted.